Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A New Project Finished!

This is definitely not a great picture, but here is the newest item for stinkR. I finally finished the first matching set of headband and mitts for runners! What you are seeing is the back of the headband, which I tied into a knot for a snug fit.

I had this idea a few months ago. I made myself mitts and I love wearing them to run. Cold hands are a distraction when I'm running. Then, I started making a leg warmer for someone for Christmas, but switched to make them something else. The unfinished leg warmer looked about right to seam and use as a headband, so that's what I did. Voila! No more cold ears! The headband covers just the tips of the ears, not the whole ear, for safety reasons. Also, I am only using bright colors, also for safety reasons. My next set will be black and neon green. I'm making a whole line of these for the shop, quick and easy.

I am getting used to waking early and spending quality time on Etsy and in stinkR. I've been trying to find my own way around Etsy for a few months and have not made much progress. I recently joined a very active team of Etsians, Promotional Frenzy Team, and I am excited to see the difference this will make. Everyone promotes everyone else's work and there are daily goals and activities to keep everyone on track. Right up my alley! I even have a mentor, wow! I wasn't expecting such personal attention. Suddenly, all the plans I have for my shop feel attainable. I feel like I am in transition from hobbyist knitter to professional knitter and I see a long road ahead. I'm ready!

Yesterday, there was no knitting accomplished. You can read about it here. Today I have lots of housework on the agenda, but also lots of knitting. I hope you have a productive day, too!