Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, Monday

A typical Monday starts like this: waking up at 2am with sever abdominal pain, thinking you are hungry and eating a string cheese, going back to sleep only to wake up and barf a few hours later. Yep, feels like Monday! Hopefully it will pass because I  have a lot on my plate today!

I cast on the bridal shawl this weekend and the progress is slow. This is why I don't usually use small needles, takes a long time to feel like you're getting anything done! The pattern is such a simple one, though, I don't mind. I'm almost 10 rows in and the emerging pattern is gorgeous. Definitely worth it!

My shop now has an official banner! I love it. I took a spontaneous, random picture of my knitting needles and a logo was born. Who knew? Check it out. I also made it the cover photo on Facebook. This is all part of taking the shop to the next level.

I'm off and running today, my trusty project bag by my side! I hope you have a better start to your Monday than I did!